Meeting in small spaces can be a challenge. With very little space to spare, multimedia equipment must be wall mounted or left out of the room all together. Now there are a range of meeting-room productivity tools that allow you to incorporate technology into even the smallest of meeting spaces.

Capture Those Spontaneous Ideas
The best ideas often occur during casual conversations with colleagues outside of the meeting room. With a 47" SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can rest assured that all those great, spontaneous ideas are saved immediately to a computer for safekeeping. Small enough to be wall mounted in a cubicle, the board can be written on with a dry-erase marker, just as you would on a regular whiteboard. Once you’ve filled the board with your ideas, simply save the notes and erase the board. No need to transcribe notes anymore!

Small Meeting Rooms Can Still Be Functional
No space for the productivity tools you normally use in your meetings? With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can still be functional, even in the smallest of meeting rooms! Provide your group with a tool that enhances meeting efficiency and allows participants to save whiteboard notes to a computer file.

Setup Can Be Easy, Even in Confined Spaces
Setting up multimedia equipment in a small room can be difficult and complicated. There is very little space for the peripherals and their electrical cords can become overwhelming. With SMART Expression multimedia cabinet, you can still use multimedia equipment even in the smallest of meeting spaces. SMART Expression mobile multimedia cabinet houses your choice of productivity and presentation tools. Simply roll it into place, plug in the external power cable and turn on the power. Because the cabinet is prewired, it eliminates the set-up time normally required for multimedia equipment.wall mounted, you won’t have to use an extra inch of your limited meeting space!

Continue Using a Presentation Platform
Many people prefer presenting from a podium or lectern. The compact styling of SMART Expression cabinet creates a neat, attractive platform from which to present and conduct meetings. Its low height and flat surface maximizes your workspace without being obtrusive, so you can bring it into any room, no matter the size.

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