If you've ever missed an important meeting, you know how frustrating it can be to glean important information from someone else. With SMART Recorder, a feature in new SMART Board software for Microsoft Windows, you don't have to rely on a colleague who may have been more interested in composing his shopping list than listening to the latest product information. Instead, you can watch (and listen to) the meeting at your convenience.

SMART Recorder works in conjunction with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can access and control any computer application from its large touch-sensitive surface. You can also write notes over top of any computer application in electronic ink using your finger or a pen from the SMART Pen Tray.

SMART Recorder captures and saves synchronized data and audio. Everything that happens on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is recorded to a single file. Audio is captured in the same file using any standard microphone and is automatically synched with the data. Anyone with Windows Media Player can play the file back and watch it like a movie.

If you're already a SMART Board interactive whiteboard user, you can download the latest version of SMART Board software, including SMART Recorder, for free from www.smarttech.com/support/software/software.asp.

If you'd like more information on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, visit www.smarttech.com/products/whiteboards.asp

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