It's one of the hottest technology concepts out there today – instant replay. If you missed a line in a movie, a sports play, a scene of a sitcom, etc several companies are providing the technology for you to play it back. Did you know that you have this option when it comes to electronic meetings, as well?

Picture this: you're on a conference call, scrambling to take notes while keeping up with your meeting host, It's inevitable that during the call you'll miss a point or two. Now you have the option to review that point – and it's as simple as calling a toll-free number.

It's no secret that hosting a successful meeting requires planning. But all the planning is for naught if your post-event preparation is a flop. If your meeting attendees miss one key point, all your planning could go down the box office drain. It's simple, though, to step up to the director's role and include all the tools that will make your meeting or event an Oscar winner.

Use Instant Replay Plus for More Effective Post-Meeting Management
More than just a replay, Instant Replay Plus allows you to record your meeting as it happens and make that recording available 24 hours a day for a designated period of time. But that's not all.

Instant Replay Plus can:
conduct a poll or test with up to 20 questions with Survey
provide hard copies of pertinent documents with Fax Back
segment your replay by topic with Index Select
receive a list of those who called with Voice Response
offer to transfer the listener to another number with Call Transfer
ensure that only invited participants listen to your call with Passcode Security
track participation and survey respondents with PIN Access

Additionally, Instant Replay Plus will help to:
provide easy access to important information by segmenting the recording of the meeting by speakers or topic
capture vital information about each meeting participant
improve future event attendance by noting an upcoming schedule of events on the customized greeting or closing
help attendees properly prepare for meetings by faxing materials to any location

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