Basically, e-literacy comes down to the matter of securing a completely new education on business and management. Actually, if youíre several years into your career, itís more about forgetting most of what you already know instead of learning something new. Maybe a third of the effort will be in invested in learning what e-business is all about. Meanwhile two-thirds of the struggle will come in abandoning outdated belief systems and ditching business practices that no longer apply.

The Web-centered world of electronic commerce requires a new consciousness. It operates according to a different set of fundamentalsÖ itís based on very different assumptions. Naturally, this gives rise to unique business models, and demands big adjustments in our behavior.

Case in point – in the Internet environment, change is valued more than stability. E-business is based on a solid faith in continuous beginnings. Innovation is the status quo, for that alone holds out any hope for survival. Competitive advantage is so very temporary, flightier by far than itís ever been before.

The good news is that the Internet gives us access to astounding resources and offers up a phenomenal array of new business possibilities. But we must make the effort to become technology savvy, fluent in the new media, familiar with the rules.

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