From the latest in conferencing to tips for technophobes, get the lowdown on how to make technology work in the meeting room.

Meeting Room Makeover
Convert a barren meeting room into a highly efficient work space

Electronic Meetings
Meeting productivity software may help revive your meetings

Untangling the Wireless Mess
Learn the basics of wireless technology and how it can improve your meetings.

Choosing the Right Projector for You
Discover the qualities that will suit your meeting-room needs

Productivity Enhancers and Inhibitors
Discover whether you’ve been using technology to help or hinder your productivity

Replay It Now
Enhance your electronic meeting even after it's over

The Visual Age…From Web Site to Web Sight
Forecasts for the Visual Age in the new millennium

Technology in the Smallest of Spaces
No space? No problem!

The Next Millennium
By Bernie DeKoven
How people will meet in the future

Meeting Tools and the Internet
Products you can integrate with the Internet

Why Use Collaborative Technology?
Make your meetings more effective with collaborative technology

Recording in Progress
SMART Recorder records data and audio as a single file

Internet Usage Boosts Productivity and Meeting Effectiveness
The Internet's impact on communication, collaboration and productivity in the workplace

Webify Your Meetings
Use the big wide Web world in your meetings

Planning Made Easy
Use the Internet to save time and reduce business costs

Push the Organization Toward E-literacy and Net Readiness
By Price Pritchett
A look at the impact of the Internet and why organizations can't afford to ignore it

Search the Net Like a Pro
Search tips that will have you surfing the Net with ease

The Competitive Advantage of Going Virtual
Virtual meetings can increase your company's competitive advantage

Virtual Meeting Spaces
A look at Web sites you can use to hold online meetings

Virtual Teaming Processes
Considerations for virtual teaming

Virtual Work Trends
The impact virtual work is having on the American workforce

The Rise of Telework
Why people are jumping on the telework bandwagon

How Webinars Can Work for You
Discover the who, what, where and why of webinars

How to Host a Successful Webinar
What makes a good webinar and why you should hold one

Web Conferencing 101
By Dale Coyner
A bakerís dozen ideas to improve your next online event

From Stage to Screen
Help your organization make the transition to videoconferencing

Effective Meetings via Videoconferencing
By Sandra Sharer
Make your videoconference better than being there

Your Next Meeting Is Only a Click Away
By Steve McWilliam
A look at the features, including the ROI, of Web conferencing

Conferencing: Bringing People Together
A case study on the use of video, audio and net conferencing

Extending Your Audience
Web-based videoconferencing – no special equipment required!

It Just Makes Cents
As travel budgets are lowered, the use of conferencing technology is on the rise

The ROI of Web Conferencing
The costs of live meetings versus Web conferencing exposed

Less Time Traveling, More Time Selling
By Steve McWilliam
Find out how Web conferencing can enhance your sales pitch

Come Fly With Me…Or Not
Technology tools designed to beat those business travel blues

Maintaining the Balance
Conferencing technology helps professionals juggle work and family

Working in Your Slippers
See how telecommuters are using technology to communicate with colleagues

The Dynamics of Delivering Virtually
Tricks you need to know to deliver a great virtual presentation

Active Participation in Videoconference Meetings
Tips for encouraging interaction in virtual meetings

Videoconferencing with the SMART Board
Combine video and data conferencing when you use the SMART Board

Data Conferencing with the SMART Board
Work on a document simultaneously during a data conference

Overwhelmed by New Communications Options?
Here's how to distinguish between video, data and audio conferencing

Setting up Videoconferencing Facilities – Part I
Laying out your room for an effective videoconferencing meeting

Setting up Videoconferencing Facilities – Part II
How to position your videoconferencing equipment for an effective meeting

The Web Dilemma
The pros and cons of presenting over the Web

Holding Effective Meetings via Streaming Media – Part I
Find out what streaming media is and how you can use it in a meeting

Holding Effective Meetings via Streaming Media – Part II
Tips for executing a successful meeting with streaming media

Read meeting dilemmas solved by the Meeting Guru.



Future Meeting Places
By Paul Doherty

The Next Best Thing to Being There
By Barry James Folsom


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