Real-time communication is key in today’s fast-moving Net economy. And what better way to communicate than in a virtual meeting space, or Web conference. As the next wave in meetings, Web conferencing allows you to communicate with more people more effectively and in less time through interactive meetings and presentations over the Internet. Specifically, Web conferencing provides these benefits:

Increases Communications Effectiveness
In addition to more real time interaction with customers, prospects, partners and colleagues, Web conferencing means you don’t have to worry about faxed or e-mailed documents being lost or misplaced in transit. Instead, the give and take of in-person meetings can be simulated using PowerPoint, streamed video and document sharing features. Together with voice, chat, polling and Q&A feedback tools, these features give Web conferencing a substantial edge over traditional teleconferencing. Finally – or all you technophobes – one of the big advantages of Web conferencing is that no special hardware or software needed to participate. All you need is a browser.

Shortens Sales Cycles and Reduces Time to Market
Today, increased competition and shorter product lifecycles require everyone to work smarter. From large scale training and sales presentations to intimate staff gatherings, online meetings are the smartest way to go because they have several practical applications. Companies now use cyberspace for training and marketing "Webinars," new product launches and demonstrations and even press and analyst briefings.

Promotes Virtual Collaboration – Learning to Work Together Apart
While Web conferencing isn’t meant to take the place of face-to-face meetings, it is meant as a powerful tool to communicate to end users – even if those users are scattered in different time zones around the world. Web conferencing "virtually" eliminates geographical boundaries.

An Alternative to the Stress of Travel
If the thought of wasting two days flying to attend a two-hour meeting gives you a headache, you’re not alone. You’re also a prime candidate for Web conferencing, which has become an increasingly appealing option as the costs and hassle of business travel continue to escalate – not to mention the time and opportunities lost on new customers while you wait for a delayed flight.

About Barry James Folsom
Barry James Folsom, president and CEO of PlaceWare, Inc., is responsible for the company's business planning and strategic vision. Prior to joining PlaceWare, he worked in management positions for Exodus Communications, Baystone Software and Sun Microsystems.

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