Ever wondered why you volunteered to lead your next group meeting? Perhaps it's because you possess leadership traits and seek out situations in which you can use them. Find out if you're a true leader. Do you possess any or all of the following leadership traits?

1. Leaders start projects by asking "What has to be done?" rather than "What do I need?"
2. Leaders next ask "What do I have to do to make a real contribution?" The answer best suits the leader's strengths and the needs of the project.
3. Leaders continually ask "What are my organization's purposes and objectives?" and "What qualifies as acceptable performance and adds to the bottom line?"
4. Leaders don't want clones of themselves as employees. They never ask "Do I like or dislike this employee?" But they won't tolerate poor performance.
5. Leaders aren't threatened by others who have strengths they lack.

Source: Peter Drucker, cited in Forbes ASAP, New York, NY. Reprinted with Permission from Communications Briefings, Volume XVII, No. IV.

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