"Do you realize the paper work it will create."
What sounds like a plea to protect the environment is probably a Killer Phrase to protect the status quo. Basically, the person is really saying:

We're all too busy.
It'll run up overhead.
That would be too difficult to administer.
If I hear one more suggestion, my head will explode.

What to Do About It
Try to communicate your proposal without killing trees or ideas.

Make it paperless. Promote your idea as an opportunity to redesign your paper-ridden processes. Ford Motor Company instituted non-invoice billing. Mutual Benefit Life cut their insurance application time by 60%.

Make the paper more valuable. Review your idea and eliminate "junk work." Link any remaining documentation to a specific business advantage, such as increased quality or reduced administrative time. Strengthen your case by showing how other benefits outweigh additional paperwork.

Tips For Leaders
Is your organization's paper trail drowning good efforts? Try shredding the procedures rather than the idea. GE Work-Out's continuous improvement process reduces paperwork by focusing on the three S's: Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence. GE managers had "always" needed twenty-three signatures for their new-hire process – now they do fine with eight.

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"We've always done it this way."
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"I'll get back to you."
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"It'll NEVER Work."
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"Great idea, but not for us."
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"Do you realize the paper work it will create."
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"It isn't your responsibility."
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"We tried that before."

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