No! Nyet Nao, Non, Nein, Ner. Throughout history and around the globe, this one word has the power to bring creativity and innovation to a full stop. It’s also known as:

No way!
I don't think so.
That doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

What to Do About It
Use your know-how to move from "NO!" to "Let's go!"

Remember, You does not equal Your Idea. Before taking this Killer Phrase personally, find out if the naysayer really doesn’t like your idea or is simply having a bad day.

Don't create a win-lose situation. Be consultative rather than combative. Ask questions and explain why you're asking. Allow adversarial opinions to coexist with yours to create a stronger solution.

Make it easy to say "yes." Or even "maybe." Begin with simple points of agreement to the naysayers saying "yes" immediately. Identify reasons for resistance and offer to handle them personally.

Check your negatives. Before your presentation, spend time thinking of all the reasons someone else would say "no" to the idea. Are you ready and willing to counter their arguments?

Tips For Leaders
"No" is the first thing many of us remember our parents saying. Is it the first thing employees remember you saying? Do a self-check. How many times per day do you say "no"? (parents average 432!) Is your "no" really "no," or just a test to see how committed the individual is to the idea? Be specific about what it would take to turn your "no" into "yes," such as the individual investing his own time into the project.

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"We've always done it this way."
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"I'll get back to you."
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"It'll NEVER Work."
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"Great idea, but not for us."
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"Do you realize the paper work it will create."
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"It isn't your responsibility."
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"We tried that before."

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