"I'll get back to you."
This is the hold button of Killer Phrasedom. Basically, your great idea will be handled in sequence by the next available naysayer. Some other variations of this Killer Phrase:

That's a subject for another meeting.
I'm sorry...did you say something?
Let's put that on the back burner.
That's interesting, BUT...

What to Do About It
First confirm that you’re on hold, not disconnected, by asking the appropriate line of questioning. Then…

Clarify the reason. Find out whether this is a delay, a lack of time or a legitimate need to confer. Is there an advantage to the delay? Does the boss have to check things out first?

Clarify the situation. Agree on the need for input. Explain that you can't do anything until you get it. Is there anyone else who can provide this information or is this person the single or final authority? Offer to help gather any of the additional information that may be required.

Tips For Leaders
Define your reasons for the delay. Also, if you can't advance the idea, say so. Specify when you will respond. "I'll get back to you by Tuesday." is a delay, not a Killer Phrase.

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"We've always done it this way."
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"I'll get back to you."
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"It'll NEVER Work."
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"Great idea, but not for us."
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"Do you realize the paper work it will create."
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"It isn't your responsibility."
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"We tried that before."

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