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Have you ever been "Yes, butted…"? If so, here’s your opportunity to fight back. The next time you offer an idea and the response is a Killer Phrase, use the tips outlined in Chic Thompson’s battle plan below. You may never be "Yes, butted…" again!

"You're too Young"

This Catch-22 of Killer Phrases can attack from both outside and from within. We're at our most creative when we’re young, but credibility, on the other hand, takes time. Other variations of this killer phrase:

You don't have the training.
Who let junior in here?
Get a little experience under your belt first.

What To Do About It
Separate content issues from personal issues to diffuse this parental Killer Phrase before you're over the hill.

Act your age. The young perspective is fresh, uncluttered by preconceived notions. Establish your unique view as a bridge, rather than a barrier to the solution.

Do you homework. The younger you are and the bigger your idea is, the wider the leap of faith will be between the naysayer's current reality and your vision. Move beyond this initial block towards constructive reasoning by grounding your idea in relevant research and documentation.

Share. Established professionals may feel threatened if the new kid is on the verge of solving a problem that has baffled them for years. Invite collaboration so colleagues can share the recognition.

Speak the language. Don't let a generation gap become a language barrier. Present your idea in terms that your audience can understand and appreciate.

Tips For Leaders
Kids... what will they think of next? You'd better listen. This Killer Phrase often sends young employees away from a parent company to start their own. Build a strong organization by recognizing the values and needs of all employees.

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"I'll get back to you."
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"It'll NEVER Work."
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"Great idea, but not for us."
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"Do you realize the paper work it will create."
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"It isn't your responsibility."
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"We tried that before."

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