Why Use Audio-Visual Tools?
Using audio-visual presentation materials to communicate meeting information helps you make an impact and keep your group focused and attentive.

Using audio-visual presentation materials during meetings:
speeds learning through maintained participant attention
improves understanding of concepts by adding a visual component
makes meeting information interesting and more exciting

SMART Roomware Products Helps Create Dynamic Presentations
Preparing for your presentation is easy! With SMART Roomware solutions you can access computer-based information in the meeting room and incorporate any multimedia materials into your presentation. For a truly dynamic presentation, show a slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, play a video clip, access data from the Internet or run a CD-ROM. After presenting, you can even record audience comments and concerns on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard! Not only will your material make an impact, but its variety will help you capture the full attention of your audience.

Enhance Presentation Flow
With SMART Expression mobile multimedia cabinet, you can access all of your multimedia presentation equipment from a single location. No more running back and forth between your computer, VCR, projector and other equipment – you can focus on your presentation, not your equipment.

Avoid Distracting Handouts
Photocopied meeting materials can be distracting for everyone during a presentation. There's always at least one audience member who noisily flips back and forth through the hand-out package. For both the presenter and the participant, the distraction obscures important points. With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you can display your presentation in a large, easy-to-see format. After your presentation, simply print and distribute your information.

Record All Feedback Information
The SMART Board interactive whiteboard makes it possible for you to access computer-based information during your presentation. If a participant makes a suggestion that you want to remember, simply pick up a pen from the SMART Pen Tray and record the idea over top of your slide. With the touch of your finger, save this idea to a file so you can review it after your session.

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