Whether you're a nervous beginner or a pro in search of fresh ideas, find everything you need to create and deliver powerful presentations.

It's True…Practice Does Make Perfect
Rehearse your presentation and you'll see positive results

Seeing Is Believing and Content Counts
Improve your presentation skills and keep your audience happy

Crafting Your Message – The "IT" Method
From Presenters University
Tips for creating brilliant content for your presentations

Become an Expert in Your Topic
By Dianna Booher
Credibility counts when presenting

The Importance of Defining Your Audience
Customizing your presentation to suit your audience can grab their attention

To Whom It May Concern
By Dianna Booher
Knowing your audience will help you deliver a successful presentation

Planning Your Next Presentation
A simple outline that works well for any presentation, regardless of topic or length

The Three P's of Presenting
Use these rules to get you through any presentation with ease

Variety Is a Must
Breaking up a presentation with questions and brainstorming will keep your audience interested

Quality Q & A Sessions
How to answer audience questions with ease

How to Tell a Better Story
Sharing your own anecdotes makes for a more memorable presentation

Dealing with Difficult Audiences
by Kirstin Carey
Tactics for dodging irrelevant questions during your presentation

10 Presentation Do's and Taboos
Avoid presentation boredom and embarrassment with these suggestions

Don’t Let Bad Timing Ruin Your Meeting
How to keep people alert, regardless of the time of day

Get over those presentation jitters

A Fresh Look at an Old Tool
By Jim Endicott
Put the "power" back into PowerPoint

Talk to the Hand
Enhance your message with the right body language

The Mechanics of Presenting
By Tom Mucciolo
Your actions are a critical part of communicating with the audience

Figuring It Out
Tips and tricks to make your data delivery understandable

The Seven Messages of a Good Speaker
A list of messages every presenter should pass on to their audience

Delivering Group Presentations
Deliver your group presentations with style and flair

Soften the Blow of Bad News
Tactful ways to deliver bad news in a presentation

Tell It Like It Is
Deliver your presentation with pizzazz

Delivery Habits to Avoid
Recognize and repair bad presentation habits

Delivering an Effective Sales Pitch
How to give a presentation what will make the sale

The Right Vocabulary Can Make All the Difference
Don't write and speak in the same way

Keeping Your Audience Interested
Change your presentation from a sedative to a stimulant

The First 90 Seconds Mean So Much
How to grab your audience's interest in first few seconds of a presentation

Creating Dynamic Presentations
Use multimedia tools to make your presentation more effective

Presentation Preparation
Dealing with equipment meltdowns

Avoiding Techno Terrors
How to overcome those debilitating technology phobias

PowerPoint Plus
New tricks for everybody's favorite presentation package

More Dynamic Presentations with SMART Roomware
Tools for collaboration and interaction

Multimedia Projectors and Your Presentations
How projectors can save you time and money

The Missing Link
Use Web sites without worrying about technical issues

Read meeting dilemmas solved by the Meeting Guru.



Presentation Disaster Preparedness
By David W. Richardson

Passion and Rapport: The Forgotten Keys to Presenting
By Jim Endicott

Points on Making Points
By Dianna Booher


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