Post Information on Your Company's Network
Stay up-to-date without meeting! Posting information on your company's network will help everyone stay informed without meeting. Your system administrator can set up a public folder on the network where groups can share and access important information.

The benefits of posting information in a public folder on the company's network:
fewer meetings are needed
everyone stays up-to-date
information can be easily accessed any time it's needed
meetings will be more focused since participants will read updates posted in the public folder before each meeting begins. This means less time updating participants during meetings.
if meetings are more focused and efficient, people will appreciate that less of their time is wasted in unproductive meetings

If you've determined a meeting is absolutely necessary, try posting information on the network prior to the meeting. This gives groups access to any information they might need before the meeting begins (updates, FYI, agenda topics, etc.).

Ensure that each meeting participant or group posts an update report on the network a few days before the actual meeting. This way, other participants will have enough time to read the reports and become updated on the events within the department. If participants are informed about the details before the meeting begins, your meetings will become more focused and more time can be spent dealing with the important issues. Here's a helpful outline to follow when you post information on your company's network before a meeting.

Outline for Update Report
A. Your Title or Your Group's Title
Make it clear exactly who's included in this update report.

B. Last Month's Summary
Describe outstanding action items that were assigned in previous meetings with a brief summary of their status.

C. This Month's FYI
Provide a summary of the most important events that have taken place within your group since the last meeting.

D. New Programs or Projects
Briefly explain any new programs or projects that are being planned. This way, everyone is up to date on planned activities and can contribute or ask questions.

E. Who's Being Affected
People outside your group need to understand how they could be affected by any new programs or upcoming events. This helps others be better prepared and most individuals appreciate the advance warning. It also helps you know who to invite to the meeting.

F. Agenda Item Request
If anyone attending the meeting wants an agenda item for the upcoming meeting, it can be requested here. The facilitator of the upcoming meeting will compile the requests and create the agenda before the meeting begins.

It will take some time to write these reports. However, think of all the time you've wasted in unproductive meetings – here's your opportunity to win back some of that lost time! The benefits of this system will be more focused and effective meetings… and fewer of them.

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