We've all sat through countless meetings. Here's why they're so important and how you can make them more effective.

So Why Do We Still Have Meetings?
Why it's essential to meet face to face

The State of Meetings Today
A synopsis of today's meeting issues

To Meet or Not to Meet...That is the Question!
How to determine if a meeting is really necessary

Meetings 101
Get the basics on effective meetings

Six Tips for More Effective Meetings
Simple tips to keep in mind the next time your group meets

10 Commandments of Meeting
The ultimate meeting rules to live by

Reexamine Your Recurring Meetings
A quick way to find out if your meeting needs a tune-up

Spend Less Time in Meetings
Post reports before your meetings and save time

Do Your Meetings Measure Up to Your CEO’s Expectations?
What your CEO expects from your meetings and how they affect the success of your company

Meeting Expectations
By Daniel Robin
Structure a meeting that actually delivers on its objectives

Leading a Meeting
Guidelines for leading a successful meeting – before, during and after

Dealing with Your Meeting Notes
By David Allen
Tips for processing notes that never make it to the top of the pile.

Read meeting dilemmas solved by the Meeting Guru.



Making Meetings Work
By Karen Carney

New Beginnings Bookmark
By Robert B. Nelson and Peter Economy


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