Dear Meeting Guru,

I'm wondering if you know of any great, really fun videos to show at a large department meeting? We recently showed a video called "Fish" that was EXCELLENT – it talked about how to make the work place fun. Everyone loved it – do you know of any other really great videos about having fun, motivating others, etc.?"

Oak Brook, IL

Blessed Meeter,

I have two recommendations for you. The first film is entitled "The Guest". It's similar to "Fish" in that it's humorous and addresses the issue of customer service. The message behind the film is treat your customers just as you would treat a guest in your home and you'll have exceptional customer service. The film's focus is customer service but, like "Fish", it's appropriate for a wide variety of audiences.

The second film is "Meetings, Bloody Meetings". This is an older film which features John Cleese, the British comedian. You can imagine how funny it is! Basically it's a spoof on the modern-day business meeting and pokes fun at the common meeting blunders we've all made. However, it does teach some valuable lessons about effective meeting practices.

I hope these recommendations help you bring some fun and entertainment to your next department meeting. Your meeting participants must be thankful you're trying to make your meetings educational and interesting. As the wise philosopher Confucius once said, "If you do it right, then those close to you will be happy and those who are far away will come to you." In other words, if you continue to include fun and educational activities, everyone will want to come to your meetings! Who knows – you might even become your organization's Meeting Guru.

Until next time… may good meeting karma always be with you.

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