Dear Meeting Guru,

"Can you give me some ideas for a 10–15 minute meeting energizer? Participants will be mingling (not sitting at tables) during the energizer. We've already used "getting to know you questions" and I am looking for something fun, quick and different."


Blessed Meeter,

Meeting games don’t always have to be meeting related. The point of these games is to refresh attendees and get them energized and ready to work. Here are a couple of games that may work for your meeting.

Comic Strip Chaos
Cut comic strips out of the newspaper, cutting out each frame of the strip. During the game, each participant takes a turn at picking a comic frame out of a large container. After each person has chosen one, the participants must search for others with the same comic strip sequence. Once the participants have found their group, they must arrange themselves so that the sequence of frames are in chronological order to form the comic strip correctly. Upon completion of the sequence, the newly formed group sits down together. This is a great game to break a large group into smaller groups.

Who am I?
Tape a piece of paper with the name of a person, place or thing on the back of each participant, but don’t let them know what the paper says. Have attendees mingle around asking each other questions about the word on their back. They can’t directly ask what the word is – they can only ask for hints. This is a great game to refresh people and get them talking to each other.

There are also plenty of books available on this topic, such as The Big Book of Meeting Games by Marlene Caroselli and Getting Together: Icebreakers and Group Energizers by Lorraine L. Ukens.

Edward De Bono, leading authority in the field of creative thinking, once said, "Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain." Adding some fun to your meeting is a great way to inspire the people in your meetings to be creative and open-minded. Your meeting is almost guaranteed to be an effective one if you're encouraging people to be creative.

Until next time… may good meeting karma always be with you.

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