Meeting Cost Clock

Ever wonder how much money each meeting costs your company? The Meeting Cost Clock will help you find out.

Simply download the clock and open it at your next meeting. Enter the number of participants in your meeting and their average hourly wage, then click start. The counter will tabulate your meeting cost as the clock runs. When the meeting is finished, just click stop for a final tally of the time spent in the meeting and the cost.

Use this tool to prove to your boss just how effective and cost-efficient your meetings are or to show meeting attendees how expensive long, poorly planned meetings can be. You can also compare the cost of your meetings before and after you put effective meeting practices into effect.

Download your free copy of the Meeting Cost Clock.

Downloading Instructions
Simply click the link. When prompted, save the file to a folder in your hard drive. When you want to use the clock, open the file from your hard drive, enter an average hourly wage, enter the number of participants and click start. When your meeting is finished, click stop and review the results.

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