Whether you're in a boardroom or a cubical, your meeting space should facilitate efficiency and productivity. Find out more about making your space work for you.

Designing Team Spaces
Considerations for creating a collaborative workplace

Color My Meeting Room
How color affects meeting room productivity

Feng What? The Essentials of Feng Shui
Follow this age-old practice to improve productivity and enhance success, creativity and wealth

Feng Shui: The Sequel
More tips for applying the principals of feng shui to your workplace

Feng Shui – Using a Bagua
Use a bagua to arrange your office for success in nine different areas of your life

Meeting Seating
Never thought about where you sit in a meeting? Here's why you should.

Meeting Staging
Match your technology to your meeting room setup

2001 Effective Meetings Spaces Competition Winners
See award-winning designs integrating technology into meeting rooms

Is Your Typing Posture a Pain?
Make your computer workstation work for you

Butt Out!
Ever consider the impact of sitting all day?

One, two, three…stretch! Simple exercises to do without leaving your desk.

Ask the Meeting Guru to solve your meeting dilemmas.



Arranging Your Workstation Ergonomically
By Alan Hedge


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