Project: Wacker Corporation's Visitor Training Center Amphitheater
Award: Hawkeye optical whiteboard capture system from SMART Technologies Inc.
Location: Menomonee Falls, WI

Wacker Corporation decided to include an amphitheater in its plans for a new Visitor Training Center. The challenge for designing this room's audiovisual system was to create an aesthetically pleasing environment while ensuring that the room was user friendly for a wide variety of presenters and audiences.

The BARCO Reality 6300DLC LCD projector in combination with a Draper 90" x 112" x 1/4" rear-projection screen and mirror system, provides the amphitheater with clear crisp video and data images. The audiovisual system features one switch that powers the entire system, so users don't have to worry about turning on/off individual pieces of equipment every time they use the room.

The amphitheater also has a Crestron remote control system, which offers advanced Ethernet functionality. Its programming is flexible, fast, and the system has bright, wide touch panels. The remote control system ensures that the facility is user-friendly for both operators and presenters. 

One of the facility's best features is the state-of-the-art lighting package, which ensures that light levels in the theater are always perfect for presentations and training. The program allows personnel to customize, change and store lighting scenes to maximize screen contrast, reduce glare and balance screen/ambient contrast ratios.

The audio system is highlighted with JBL's new linear reference monitor speakers that allow bass and treble levels to be controlled from a touch screen to provide the right levels, so the presenter can make the right impact with his or her audience.

Finally, the amphitheater is designed to include a Sennheiser translation system in it. Foreign students and listening disabled individuals can wear under-the-chin head-sets to hear the training in their language. They can also use a wireless microphone to ask questions that need translation. The system is highly engineered for quality audio and no feedback.

All in all this room is designed to ensure that operators, presenters and audience members have an enjoyable presentation experience.

BARCO Reality 6300DLC LCD Projector
Draper rear projection screen
One-switch audiovisual system
Crestron remote control system
Customizable lighting package
JBL linear-reference monitor speakers
Sennheiser translation system
The Space Supports:
Foreign student training
Training for the hearing impaired

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